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Lose 20 pounds in 90 days without really trying

There are alot of ways to lose weight, but basic principle is always the same.  Burn
more calories than you consume.
One pound is worth 3500 calories.  In order to lose 20 pounds you will need to burn
an EXTRA 70,000 calories.  That seems like alot to burn, but over 90 days it isn't that
hard to do.  You only need to burn about 780 extra calories a day.  Below is a list of
ways you can burn those extra calories.  Do just 6 of these things a day and in 90
days you will be 20 pounds lighter... Do 3 a day and lose 20 pounds in 180 days.
Remember... These things must be done in addition to what you already do, and you
can't increase your intake of calories... everyone is different so some of us may lose
more and some may lose less.

25 minutes dancing                          30 minutes gardening
22 minutes hiking                             35 minutes cleaning house
120 minutes making out                   13 minutes jogging
32 minutes ping pong                       27 minutes mowing the lawn
25 minutes painting walls                 75 minutes playing cards
20 minutes playing raquet ball          28 minutes mopping floors
30 minutes horseback riding             20 minutes ice skating
20 minutes playing soccer                 20 minutes biking
40 minutes power shopping              45 minutes playing the piano
25 minutes raking leaves                  20 minutes moving furniture
13 minutes jumping rope                  18 minutes roller blading
23 minutes scrubbing floors              12 minutes rock climbing
16 minutes repelling                          22 minutes shoveling snow
18 minutes sledding                          20 minutes downhill skiing
18 minutes of spin class                    20 minutes stacking wood
42 minutes surfing                             50 minutes sweeping floors
15 minutes swimming                        32 minutes swing dancing
32 minutes tai chi                              15 minutes stair climbing
42 minutes strolling                           22 minutes power walking
28 minutes washing the car               30 minutes water aerobics
28 minutes washing windows            20 minutes weight lifting
25 minutes yoga/pilates                     25 minutes white water rafting
25 minutes tae kwon do                     50 minutes vacuuming
12 minutes rowing                             30 minutes walking the dog
50 minutes ironing                            40 minutes of sex